To contact me:

1. start with the name 'rowan'
2. append the current year
3. append ''

So if the current year was 1967 the address would be

Apologies for the inconvenience, the page is written like this so that spam bots cannot pick up my address automatically.

IMPORTANT #1: Make sure you use a descriptive subject line, and include "fadingvictoria" in it somewhere. I receive a bucketload of spam and virus emails so an email with a generic subject like "hi" or "your photos" may be accidentally deleted without being viewed.

IMPORTANT #2: I spend a lot of my time and money driving around to find new locations to photograph. It's something I enjoy and I get a lot of satisfaction out of discovering new places, but ultimately there is a cost involved. I get a lot of people, particularly film companies, asking for detailed information about these locations. Sorry, but I'm not a commercial spotter/scout service. (Not that these emails ever offer any compensation!)